beach3_001.jpg by tippahs
beach3_001.jpg, a photo by tippahs on Flickr.


Its amazing how difficult it is to find a pretty beach sim.  This location is an old sim I discovered when I first started exploring SL. A series islands, it consists of secluded beaches, lagoons and meditation spots.  The island ambience is lovely, with only a small retail area that blends into the surrounds unobtrusively.

Location – Crossing Currents

Im wearing –

  • Bikini – Top & Bottom in Startlet Aqua – Mimikri
  • Earings – Uva – Miel
  • Necklace – Uva – Miel
  • Piercing – Danger Kitty Belly ring – Nekoicious
  • Shoes – (Hidden) Poison – N-core Design
  • Hair – Anastasia in Macaroon – Truth
  • Skin – Roseanne  C Cup in Pale 1 – MyDear
  • Eyes – Emerald eyes  10, Amacci
  • Eye Lashes – Spider 30, Redgrave
  • Eye Shadow -Linter 1L promo in Lime – ee

To see more pics from this blog entry, follow my Flickr


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