Room for Two




White Peony…

I’ve recently moved to a new sim and it stunning.  I’m inspired not only by the beautiful location created by the talented Elvira but also by the designer herself….Thank you for helping my imagination run wild again.

Location – Tippah’s New Hideaway

Im wearing –

  • Hat – Peony Hat in Noir – Boudoir
  • Neck Tie  – Floppy Neck Bow in Black – Milk Motion
  • Body Suit – Pera in Noir – Illmatic
  • Pants – Outlaw Skinny Cargos in Noir – Illmatic
  • Shoes – Fiona – Athor
  • Bracelet – Max Stud Bracelet in Silver – SYL
  • Bracelet – Silver Naira Spiked – Pure Poison
  • Skin – Last Night – Kooqla
  • Hands – Casual and Elegant – Slink
  • Hair –  Natalie in White – LaViere
  • Lips – Mango Lips 04 – Kooqla
  • Eyelashes – Spider 30 – Redgrave
  • Eyes – Promise Eyes in Dune – Ikon for Fameshed

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A friend of mine just recently set up a new parcel for himself and his growing stable of horses that he breeds and sells.  I love the soft, breezy country feel it has. Such a beautiful change from the icy sims Ive been visiting lately, it makes me yearn for the warm days of summer that are still a long way off.

Location – Grimm Horses

Im wearing –

  • Glasses – Pegley in Amber – ISON
  • Earring – Pinecone in Copper – Izzie’s
  • Ring – Mother’s Pearl Big Ring – LaGyo
  • Dress – Embossed Sweatshirt  in Gray – ISON
  • Boots – Levander Ankle Boot in Brown – ISON
  • Skin – Rosanne in Pale – My Dear
  • Knee – Banged up Knee – Little Pricks
  • Hair –  Dove in Gingers – Truth
  • Eyeliner – Pin Up – Glow Studio
  • Eyelashes – Spider 30 – Redgrave
  • Eyes – Spectral Eyes in Oxidation – Ikon

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White Dunes…

My adventures landed me on the most beautiful sim.  Wintery and wild, its one of the most beautiful residential sims I’ve ever seen.  Central to White Dunes is a frozen lake that is home to a family of penguins and perfect for iceskating.  I keep finding myself drawn back here time and time again.

Location – White Dunes

Im wearing –

  • Dress – Leone in Ivory – ColdLogic
  • Necklace – Antler and Ring Necklace in Natural – Half – Deer
  • Shoes – Radical Boots in Suede Chamoisee – Maitreya
  • Skin – Mango 03 – Kooqla
  • Hands –  Casual in Medium – Slink
  • Hair –  Black Magic in Blush – Lamb
  • Eyeshadow – Eye Makeup 01a – LAQ
  • Eyelashes – Spider 30 – Redgrave
  • Eyes – Ascension Eyes in Silverleaf – Ikon
  • Puppy – White Dots Dog – Lulubear

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Home Sweet Home…

This week I put the final touches on my new home.  I’ve recently left a lovely Sim where I’ve lived for my entire SL life.  It was a tough decision as I wasn’t unhappy there and the owners Cleo and Rico had always made me feel welcome…..like family.  And yet I felt restless.  It was time to move on, extend my wings.  I’m yet to meet all my new neighbours but the few that I have spoken to have been welcoming and friendly.  Its also the first time I’ve ever set up home in a skybox, another set of challenges.  With the final box unpacked, I’m look forward to inviting my friends over and getting on with the business of Blogging.

Location – Tippah’s Hideaway

Im wearing –

Props –

  • Chair  – Summertide Chair in Paisley – Art Dummy for Collabor88
  • Floor Lamp – Hillsboro Afterburner Floor Lamp – Post
  • Umbrella Stand –  Milton Umbrella Stand – Digs
  • Rug – Linen002/Sisal Hemp in Red Line – Y’s House
  • House – Shoreline – L2 Studio

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Foxy Loxy…

One of my fave designers has released their summer collection and I thought a visit to Mister Fox’s house timely!

Location –Fantastic Mister Fox’s House

Im wearing –

  • Top – Colour Crop in Berry – House of Fox
  • Shorts – Runner Shorts in Purple –House of Fox
  • Necklace – Grap Briolette Necklace in Candy Gold – Glow Studio
  • Bracelet – Takara Bangle in Rich Indio Wood – Mandala
  • Shoes – Vivian Platform in Poison – House of Fox
  • Skin –  Oceane in Sunkissed – Filthy
  • Hands – Slink Mesh Hands in Casual – Slink
  • Hair – Amandine in Cinnamon – Wasabi Pills
  • Eye Shadow – Thrill of the Chase in Red – Elegant Epiphany (Retired)
  • Eyelashes – Spider 30 – Redgrave
  • Eyes – Emerald Eyes 14 – Amacci

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Funny Thing Happened... by tippahs
Funny Thing Happened…, a photo by tippahs on Flickr.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum Today…

And so begins the classic joke opener. Feeling a little restless with my surrounds at home – Chez Tippah, I decided to look for new furniture and leave no stone unturned in my quest to create the perfect living room.  Ultimately landing  on a quaint little sim, with all manner of….errr…….less than comfortable furnishings.  But in all seriousness, if in my next reincarnation I return as an elf, Gorean love slave or warrior princess, I’m heading straight here.  Everything was highly detailed with amazing animations.  I especially loved the outhouse, baths and kitchens.

Location – Shade

Im wearing –

  • Top- Half Tucked Tee in Off White – Tres Blah
  • Pants – Etienne Capris in Grey – Kyoot
  • Necklace – Alice Neclace – LaGyo
  • Ring – Mothers Pearl Big Ring – LaGyo
  • Earring – Mescal in Gold – LaGyo
  • Bag – Mesh Shopper in Eternity – Maitreya
  • Shoes – (Hidden) Devi Booties in Olive – Maitreya
  • Skin – Wednesday II in Olive – Essences
  • Hair – Girl 41 in Black – Dura
  • Eyeliner – Pin Up Eyeliner – Glow Studio
  • Blush – Contour in Middle Peach – Essences
  • Freckles – Dark – Filthy
  • Eyes – Golden Green, Amacci
  • Eye Lashes – Spider 30, Redgrave

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